Tuesday , March 19 2019

Bilawal says Faryal not to contest for Senate chairmanship – Pakistan

KARACHI: Pakistan Peoples Party chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari has said Faryal Talpur is not a candidate for the Senate chairmanship and added that she would only be contesting the general election.

In an interview to a news channel, Bilawal brushed aside all such ‘rumours’ and said the PPP board selected candidates for the upper house of Parliament and his paternal aunt was not among the contenders.

“Oh really,” he said and smiled when asked about Ms Talpur’s nomination for the chairmanship after the upcoming Senate election.

“This is a classic example of fake news that how it’s created and then spread to achieve certain objectives. She will be contesting the general election and the party will decide for which constituency.”

When asked about Rao Anwar’s close relationship with the PPP leadership, Bilawal denied any contacts with the suspended policeman and said his party had zero tolerance for such officers.

“No judicious system in the world justifies [fake] encounters,” he said.

“I immediately took notice when reports of [Naqeeb Ullah Mehsud’s] killing emerged in a fake encounter. We suspended that police officer.

“And remember it was our government and our chief minister who had suspended the same officer when he raided the house of opposition leader [Khawaja Izharul Hassan] in the Sindh Assembly but at that time the PML-N and PTI were criticising the PPP government for suspending such a ‘brave’ and ‘intelligent’ officer.”

Published in Dawn, February 2nd, 2018

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